What’s in a Name?

moon wisdom name What’s in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet;

So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,

Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name;

And for that name, which is no part of thee,

Take all myself. ~ Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Names are an essential part of who we are, as they hold a frequency and vibration that supports us during our lives. Names reflect and identify us, and represent who we are. As we grow and develop our identity, very often our names no longer reflect us and changing a name can transform your life in many different ways.

Rebecca Ann Bloom vs Rebekita

I was born Rebecca Ann Bloom and have always felt very connected to the name Rebecca. It suited me. My surname Bloom represents my Jewish roots and my ancestry, which was a strong identity to me while I was growing up. I also like it because I feel its a cosmic message that this lifetime I have the potential to bloom….

When I became the shaman’s apprentice, my teacher Don Juanito called me Rebekita ‘little Rebecca,’ but when I  returned to London, and life took an unexpected turn, I had to bury Rebekita, and everything she stood for deep in my heart, and revert back to Rebecca Bloom.

However, I decided to use the name Rebekita, as the author of ‘The Shaman’s Last Apprentice’ my self-me and DJpublished book about my time in the Amazon. It was the name I had been called throughout my apprenticeship, so it resonated more truthfully with what I had written.

As the book spread people started calling me Rebekita, but despite liking the name I no longer resonated with it. It had been seven years since I had returned from the Amazon, and I was no longer ‘little Rebecca’. However, I felt I was no longer Rebecca Bloom either, as she had ‘died’ in Machu Picchu to make way for Rebekita, who was now resurrected.

I knew I no longer carried the energy that those names represented for me but I had no idea who I was becoming. I did not know what to call myself, creating a deep inner identity crisis that left me lost and confused. I also felt paralysed to take my book out into the world without knowing who I was.

Iboga Medicine

Exactly two and a half years into my identity crisis my prayers were answered and I participated in a four day shamanic Iboga Plant Medicine ceremony. Iboga is from the Gabon in Africa and comes from the bark of a plant that contains Ibogaine. The ceremony was facilitated by Gabonese shaman who had flown over especially to initiate eleven of us into the Bwiti* over the Spring Equinox of 2007.

Iboga connects us to our ancestors and shows us what emotional blockages and trauma that are holding us back Ibogafrom being in our power. It invokes deep and profound vision journeys, so that we can know our place in the world. I knew this plant medicine would show me the truth of who I really was, and give me my name.

Becoming Rebekah Shaman

On the second night, with baited breath and with great anticipation I asked the Plant Spirit Iboga to reveal my name. All over the ceiling and the walls of the village hall where the ceremony was conducted appeared the name Rebekah Shaman.  I asked the Iboga the significance and was told that ‘Rebekah’ is the integration of Rebecca and Rebekita, and that I was a Shaman.

It was definitely one of my most terrifyingly powerful moments of my life. I loved the new name Rebekah, but the Shaman part opened up a whole new can of worms. Mostly, because up till then I had not received any recognition or acknowledgement that I was a Shaman, and because of that had doubted who I was. At the same time I was terrified of the name. No one openly calls themselves a Shaman and I was still not sure if I really was one.

I begged the Iboga to give me another one, other than Shaman, a name more easy to resonate with, and with fewer connotations. But the Iboga told me that by calling myself Rebekah Shaman I was accepting who I truly was and I was no longer able to hide behind this doubt any longer.

Trusting Life, Myself and the Plant Medicine

The Plant Spirit also told me that by standing tall, strong and proud with my name it gives others the strength to do so. I decided to trust the Plant medicine, trust myself, trust the shamanic path and take the name. Truthfully, it has been one of my heaviest burdens and at the same time one of my greatest blessings for many reasons.

Me partyingHowever, eight years later, inspired by this weekend’s Pisces new moon, Spring Equinox, the solar eclipse and the rebellious, fuck it energy of the Pluto/Uranus cross I have finally changed my name by Deedpoll to Rebekah Shaman Bloom, and have merged all aspects of myself into one complete whole.

It is time for all of us to stop hiding in the shadows pretending we are not great, powerful and important because we are, and the moment we see ourselves in all our glory, is the moment we can change the world.

*Bwiti info


Friday 13th – Honouring the Goddess

goddess-venus-lausell-AT-D-84It’s Friday 13th today, considered unlucky for some, however, for us pagans and shamans this is the day of honouring the Goddess, and the celebration of love, magic and fertility.

Today is the most feared and superstitious day of the Christian year, and as many as twenty-one million people in the States are physically affected by this day.

So why has Friday 13th  become so unlucky?

There are a many explanations for why this day has been cemented into the human psyche as unlucky, but we can look at the rise of Patriarchy and Christian religion when Friday and the number thirteen was slowly embedded in the human psyche as unlucky or devils worship.

Earth Mother of Luassel

Thirteen was revered in the old goddess worshipping cultures because there are thirteen moons in the lunar cycle. A 27,000 year carving found in France of the Earth Mother of Luassel – one of the oldest depictions of goddess worship – is a female figure holding a crescent shaped horn with thirteen notches, representing the moon and menstruation cycles. With the rise of patriarchy and monotheistic religion, twelve became the number representing’ good’ while thirteen became the number representing evil/witches/devil worship.

Goddess Freya/Frigg

Friday was also the day of worship for the old goddess cultures. Friday is the only day named after a goddess – Frigg or Freya, the Norse Deities of marriage, sex and fertility.  Both goddesses correspond to Venus, the goddess of Love for the Romans, who named the sixth day of the week ‘dies Veneris’ after her.

Friday was a day of celebration, marriage, and worship for the pagans, so in order to vilify it, Friday became known as the witches Sabbath and a day of evil doings. According to Christianity, Friday is the day when God punished man with the Great Flood, Adam and Eve were banished from the garden of Eden, the tower of babel was shattered and humans were given different languages, and the Temple of Soloman was destroyed.

Witches of the North

In order to cement Friday as being a heathen day, into the humans psyche, legends of witches and evil became part of the culture. One such story is about the Witches of the North who celebrated their Sabbath on the new moon in a cemetery. One dark moon, twelve women gathered in the cemetery and the Friday goddess Freya visited them from her mountaintop, where she had been banished for being a witch. She gave them one of her cats, to make thirteen. There are always thirteen people in a witches coven and thirteen is considered the devils dozen.

Its all about perspective

Its all about perspective, and according to ancient Egypt and pre-Christianity, thirteen was the powerful number of the unknown, the afterlife, chaos magic and divine flow; beyond the safe, rational, scientific boundaries of left-brain, patriarchal thinking. And surely, it is time that all this superstition and fear of the feminine needs to be rebalanced.

Us western women have all the freedom and liberation to stand in our power without fear of being burned at the stake, or beheaded. It is time for us to remember our goddess roots and make Friday 13th the day of honouring the Goddess, love, marriage, sex and fertility and all the things Patriarchy has tried to suppress and deny. Today is a day of female celebration – may it bring you magic and good luck!


Climate Change March 2015

mother-earth-is-a-living-organism-too-love-honor-respect-herClimate Change March 2015

The Climate Change March 2015 on Saturday 7TH March is the annual climate change march in London, over the practical Virgo full moon. The full moon is a time when the energy on the planet is at its most potent.  It is a time of completion and the fruition of a cycle where we can see what has been successful and what has failed.

This Virgo full moon will illuminate what is not working or serving us both on a personal level, and in the wider world. It helps us to see reality as it really is, so we can no longer hide behind the veil of ignorance. Lifting the veil can make us feel helpless, depressed and lethargic. But we are NOT helpless and this moon will help us analyze our situation from a more rational and unemotional perspective, so that we can find practical solutions.

Fragile Eco-systems

This Virgo full moon gives us the energy to take action and make the changes in our lives that we know we have to make. It’s getting harder to ignore what is happening on our planet because every part of the natural eco-system is being affected.

The planet relies on all its species working together to maintain and sustain the very fragile ecosystem that supports all life on Earth. Unfortunately, we have forgotten this vital understanding and abused our environment because we are too egoistically addicted to war, oil and money.

In our madness we are destroying not only our own natural habitat, but the habitat of every other creature that shares our planet with us generating a massive imbalance of toxins that we are not cleaning up, and creating an environmental catastrophe.

Taking Responsibility

The quickest way we are going to overcome the consequences of our negative actions is for each one of us to take personal responsibility for our own behaviour. We are all important because every positive action, however small, ripple’s out reverberating around the world. Each ripple is part of a current that becomes the tide that finally changes direction.

The veil of ignorance is lifting and more of us are realising the seriousness of the situation on planet Earth. We need to keep this planet healthy for our future grandchildren so that they can enjoy the benefits of this amazing world and, as parents it really should be our priority.

How to Make a Difference

If you really care about our future generations you need to be at The People’s Climate March  this Saturday 7th March to show those in power who are working to another agenda, (which is leading us to Apocalypse), that they are in the minority. Our power is in our unity and great things are happening, that you will never read about in the mainstream media.

Across the UK people are already building change – from divestment of funds which prop up the fossil fuel industry, to front-line communities fighting unsustainable energy extraction and fracking, through to those paving the way for a transition towards a 100% renewable energy future which would bring about an estimated one million new climate jobs in the UK alone.

Individuals and groups have set up ‘blocs’ on the march – a chance to join with others who are passionate about particular issues related to climate change. Check out the fb page for more details…. https://www.facebook.com/campaigncc

Visit www.timetoact2015.org to find out more about how you can get involved, including details about coaches from around the countryhttp://bit.ly/18YKYU6

A group of us urban shaman are meeting tomorrow lunch time at the Old Red Lion Pub, 72 High Holborn,WC11V 6LS @12.15pmish to join the celebrations…See you there!

Love All Ways

Rebekah Shaman xxx

Thank you to the WildWomanSisterhood for the beautiful image that says it all! 

10 tips for making Important Decisions

10 Tips for Making Important Decisions10 Tips for Making Important Decisions
Myself and friends around me seem to be facing many challenges and big changes as the moon energy of new beginnings is manifesting on the physical level. Decisions need to be made at this time and sometimes when we cannot see exactly where we are going it is challenging to know if we are making the right ones.

If you are caught up in indecision then here are 10 ways to help you make those important decisions:


  1. The most important thing is to find some quiet time to just stop and be with yourself. It is very difficult to get clear when there is external stuff going on. You are important so make the time and know that you are worth it.
  2.  The key to getting clear on issues is to be clear on what you want to achieve. What is your intention and ultimate goal?
  3. Ask yourself where you want to be in two years time/five years time. Don’t hold back. It can be difficult to accept who we truly our and how powerful we can be.
  4.  Really acknowledge the greatest vision of yourself – even though you may seem further away from it than ever
  5. Use automatic writing techniques to discern your inner voice from your fear.
  6. When you are faced with two directions, go with the one that FEELS right, even if it’s the most irrational choice. We cannot always see the bigger picture so TRUST yourself and your inner knowing.
  7. Have Faith that your intention will be manifested, however impossible the situation may seem to be.
  8. Be true to who you are, despite resistance from others. Only when we are happy with ourselves and our lives can we spread happiness to others.
  9. Share your decisions with those whose feedback you honour and respect. They may say something that brings clarity to your situation.
  10. If you really don’t know flip a coin. You’ll know whether the coin is right or wrong. It works every time

Let me know if you have any other tips to add

Love and Blessings

Rebekah Shaman xxxxxxxxxxx

Photo courtesy of Estelle F

Hugging Trees

Hugging trees – A ritual to thank the trees

Tree Hugging ritualFor many, hugging trees is the past time of hippies but when we communicate with the trees and share our energy with them, we share our energy with all the trees in that area.  The more we are in intention when we hug trees the more powerful the ritual is.

The more we hug trees the more we become accustomed to their energy and they to us.  Now more than ever, we need to be hugging our trees and reminding them just how much we love and respect them.  Many of the trees are getting diseased and ill living in the polluted environments we have created and need our energy to help heal them.

When a tree is cut down for wood and timber, it is felt by all the other trees, because all trees are interconnected.  The trees are in crisis now as we continue to fell huge forests of ancient species, as though they are easily replaceable, but they are not!  The huge replanting of sustainable forests can never replace our ancient trees that create a whole different ecosystem for life to flourish by its carbon sink.

Living in the city it seems easier to hug a tree because they are so sparse, it seems as if they are crying out to be hugged and loved by humans.  City trees are the hardiest, providing us with co2 and moisture and birds.

When you hug a tree you are communicating your thanks and gratitude to the tree for all its support and love.  Feel reverent and respectful.  Without trees we would not be able to exist on this Earth and we must now show our love and admiration to all living things that keep this world habitable for us.

When we hug a tree and send it all our love the energy spreads down the trunk to the roots and deep into the ground, rippling out to the other roots of other trees and spreading throughout the forest.  Likewise, the energy travels upwards, to the branches and leaves of the trees that touch the other trees and your energy vibrates throughout the forest, wood, park.

There is no right way to hug a tree, but the more you do with a serious intent the more powerful this ritual becomes.  Put your arms around the tree, and allow your body to merge with the tree.  Feel the tree supporting your weight and slowly let go of holding on.  Release any emotion you may be carrying into the trees.  They are strong and supportive and are here to help us.

Sometimes the trees have messages for us, especially if we have a dilemma or a decision to make.  The best way to hear the message is to allow yourself the time to connect with the tree by imagining you pouring your energy into the tree and the tree reciprocating.

Once you are feeling in tune, ask the tree your question.  The key here is to have no expectations of what will come up.  The more open you are to any answer you will receive the more the tree can support and help you.  Once you feel better send your prayers of love and gratitude to the tree.  Hugging reduces stress and calms the mind, makes us feel more connected and at peace.

For many this is a new way of experiencing nature but in my many years of being a tree-hugger, I have been guided many times by the trees to make decisions that I did not have the clarity or the wisdom to make.

The next time you pass by a tree that you feel is glowing at you take time out to give it a hug.  You will in turn get a tree-energy boost that nourishes the soul and reconnects us with the natural world.

Image: Cosmic Tree M. J. Mott


Iboga Opening the Mind

IbogaIboga Opening the Mind
I thought I’d write a bit more about Iboga, as I have received a comment from my Iboga blog (see 5 Universal Laws of Nature) enquiring about the properties of the plant. There is a misconception that the hallucinogenic in Iboga is DMT.

According to Wikipedia Ibogaine is an indole alkaloid, a long-acting hallucinogen which has gained attention due to its application in the treatment of addiction – especially opium. It occurs naturally in Iboga, a plant that can be found in the Gabon. It is considered one of the plant medicines that can open the mind through vision journeys. If you have set your intention and are focused the Iboga can answer the questions you have been seeking.

Iboga is represented by the Bwiti. Bwiti is at the same time a religion, a worship of the ancestors and a brotherhood which allows any Tsogho to discover the Supreme Being Nzambe Kana (Nzambe = sky, Kana = ground), a spiritual energy like a global creator, synthesizing in itself all the supernatural spirits connected with the worship.

Iboga heals the emotional wounds that we experience through our childhood and teenage years. It re-opens them and gives us the opportunity to see our part in the trauma and then find forgiveness. It can also cure us of any addiction.

Iboga is for seekers that are ready to go into their darkness and pain in order to shed light on their traumas. It takes a lot of courage to face our fear and heal those incidents that are holding us back. It heals the victim and helps us to re-empower ourselves.

The plant medicines that are now available to us in the West, such as Ayahuasca, Iboga, San Pedro, Peyote and mushrooms are gifts from Mother Earth to help us on our paths towards conscious evolution.

I would be very interested in hearing about other peoples experiences with Iboga or any other plant medicine.

Love and Blessings

Rebekah Shaman


Iboga Picture by Veronika Logar

Ayahuasca the plant of conscious evolution

AyahuascaAyahuasca the plant of conscious evolution
I am in Iquitos for the fifth time in sixteen years. I first arrived in 1998 after Don Juanito called to me in a vision while I was working as a cultural and activities manager in a hotel in Machu Picchu and told me he was waiting for me. Desperate, and feeling forsakened I followed the vision to the Amazon, where I found him and became his apprentice of Ayahuasca and Peruvian, Amazonian Shamanism.

Despite coming here years ago, the energy and connection with my shaman family, Ayahuasca and shamanism has got stronger and stronger. I am now realising that Ayahuasca is a vine, that works like wine in that to get the best out of the medicine you have to let it mature for a few years. Now, sixteen years later, I feel I have matured enough to start sharing my story on a deeper level. So I have returned, to complete what was started and to begin a new chapter.

Ayahuasca tourism is now flourishing in Iquitos, as more people are being called to drink this plant medicine. It is the call of nature herself because this is the essential medicine of our times, a medicine to shift consciousness, a medicine to wake us up out of our trance like state and see what we are doing to this wonderful planet and to ourselves.

My understanding is that somewhere along the way our DNA was damaged and we disconnected ourselves from Mother Earth. We have forgotten that we are a part of nature not apart from it. This schism in our connection has led to the current crisis we are now facing.

Humanity is in serious trouble, as we have reduced our natural resources to financial gain without any consideration for other living things and the very elements we need to stay alive, like water, and we are leaving a trail of destruction and devastation for our future generations.

However, we are so trapped in this system it is going to take a shift in consciousness to wake us up to the terrible nightmare we are in and realise that things need to change. This is why Ayahuasca is spreading around the world so quickly. It is Ayahuasca that is waking us up and reminding us who we are, and how each one of us must take personal responsibility for what is happening.

According to the Peruvian shaman’s Ayahuasca is the medicine that gave the knowledge of plant medicine to the shaman eons ago. The banisteropsis caapi vine grows from the ground into the sky, connecting the sun with the earth and giving us the life force to shine bright.

In the west we have forgotten this most important of messages, having killed off our shamans, healers, herbalist and witches with the rise of Christianity. But now it is time for change, and Westerners, like myself, are having to head into the Amazon to remember who we really are.

Ayahuasca opens our hearts and minds so that we can start loving again; loving ourselves, loving others and loving all living things. Only then can we transcend the selfish, me, me, me state that is only obsessed with personal gain, and remember we are all one, we are all connected, we are the world. When we reach this state of consciousness we naturally change our behaviour, and when more of us do this, change can happen in an instant.

For those who haven’t read my book “The Shaman’s Last Apprentice,” and not aware of my story, the photo below is of me and Pashco in the Amazon. She is the shaman´s wife and was a great influence in my training on all levels. I am so grateful to her, and Don Juanito and the family for agreeing to take me on as an apprentice, setting me firmly on the path of shamanism, and for giving me the gift of Ayahuasca, the plant medicine that awakens consciousness.

Picture by Juan Carlos Taminchi


Find Resolution with a Relationship Amnesty

“Amnesty is as good for those who give it as for those who receive it. It has the admirable quality of bestowing mercy on both sides.” ~ Victor Hugo


Last night my beloved and I ended the night with a spontaneous ‘Relationship Amnesty’ and very fitting for the Libran new moon today, as Libra helps us to negotiate and communicate fairly and honestly.


A ‘Relationship Amnesty’ is an opportunity to speak your truth to your loved one without fear of the consequences; to clarify workloads and tasks that need doing, re-assess the distribution of labour and clear up any misunderstandings, resentments and arguments.


It is a space where you can both talk maturely, as adults, and say what you are really feeling, without the drama and emotional outburst. We are just mirrors for each other, and we can move forward and find solutions to the issues that are creating negative emotions such as anger, resentment, fear etc. when we have permission to speak the truth without being a victim. Clarification and honesty heals rifts, melds hearts together and helps us find solutions and pathways towards each other.


It is a liberating tool for people who are living more shamanically, and therefore, more consciously. When we live more consciously, we come out of the victim and blame game, and take personal responsibility for our actions. We know that it is futile to try and change someone else and that the change we seek is our own inner change.


However, you must both be in agreement to honour the Amnesty. It cannot work if one person is apprehensive or does not want to, or if you are too attached to being a victim. You must both be ready to accept responsibility for your own actions and recognise what needs to change from within.


This Libran new moon is all about balance and relationships. This is an excellent time to harness the power of this moon and have a Relationship Amnesty. It doesn’t just have to be lover, wherever there is conflict a Relationship Amnesty is a very powerful way of finding conscious resolution.

The Power of Pluto



So the Full moon has worked its magic again and another reminder that everything is interconnected when we are in flow. This is the homework I have from my Monday writers class. The further downward you travel, the closer you come to the Power….Discuss


It was perfectly in the flow for me. A few days before I  was writing a blog about Pluto and the effect his retrograde was having on us but feeling a bit blocked. When we were given this sentence I had to laugh…it just summed it up perfectly and gave me the clarity to get unstuck.


Pluto, the planet of illuminating darkness turned retrograde on Friday April 12, 2013 at 20:35 pm GMT within 11 degrees of Capricorn and will remain in this position until September 20, 2013.


Despite Pluto’s renegation to a dwarf planet by the International Astronomical Union it still holds a powerful influence on Earth.  Pluto represents the the shadow side, the underworld of our unconscious and urges us to face what is hidden in our personal and the collective subconscious, in order to become empowered.


When Pluto retrogrades it’s energy becomes more intense, urging us to face reality.  It brings supressed truth to light, often creating unpleasant rips in the status quo.  It dissolves outmoded beliefs and patterns of behaviour that are no longer serving us. At a collective level it can show us where old belief systems are no longer valid.


We are now in the 13th Baktun, according to the Mayan, and a new consciousness is sweeping Earth. We are beginning to understand that we must look inwards if we want to effect external change. Fortunately, the moon, planets and nature are helping us with this evolutionary process.


We can’t change the direction our trajectory is going if we keep on trying to heal the symptoms. As Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created them.” And he knew a thing or two about indigeneous culture and the way this planet works.


The cancer is too far gone to just try and cure the symptoms of it. We now have to go to the cause of the issues and change it from there. We must all take the journey downward, within ourselves to bring us closer to the power, our true power. And only from that place can we truly create change.


This Pluto retrograde is giving us an opportunity to strip away the illusion and denial by recognising what is toxic and poisening us, whether it be a relationship, job, health issue, addiction, or extreme emotion (anger, hate, resentment, rejection etc), on a personal, individual level. War, government, business, monsanto, political figures, celebrity, etc, on a more collective level that affects us all.


It is only when we see what is killing us and making us ill, that we can change it by choosing a more healing, joyful way.


The time is Now!


Love Rebekah Shamanx

Copenhagen Summit – a Lunar Perspective

Hello Fellow Light Beings

It seems to be no coincidence that the Copenhagen Summit falls over the Gemini Full Moon to the Sagittarius New Moon. The Gemini Full Moon illuminates our inner fears around security while the Sagittarius New Moon reminds us to remain optimistic and see the adventure in this game called Life.

At this present time the future of the planet now hangs in a certain kind of balance. We are all waking up to the affects of our lifestyles on the environment, animals and each other, and realising that things need to Change.

The fear holding us back is the fear of Change because we are all so programmed into this system. Many of us are feeling jittery because we are out of touch with our true desires. We have been blinded by useless things that never bring the peace of mind we crave to find. Distracted to buy more and more stuff but we never seem to have enough so we throw away to buy more crap just to fill the empty gap but nothing fills the deep dark hole that consumes us body, mind and soul.

We are feeling lost and disconnected, not only from ourselves but from Mother Earth – Nature – this wonderful planet we call HOME.

And yet, we are trashing our front yard… with no regard for the consequences. Our intense unrelenting consumption of natural resources is creating a future that looks very bleak for our future generations.

World leaders will soon gather for a Summit in Copenhagen that both reflects where we are as a race of humans and where we want to go. Many of us are feeling helpless to the whims of others that may not have our best interests at heart.

So we have only two choices… Remain paralysed by fear and do nothing, represented by Gemini’s illumination of our security issues, or embody the Sagittarius Energy of the archer who shoots his arrow high into the sky, trusting in himself, the arrow, the bow, and the wind that it will reach it’s target.

The Sagittarius Moon gives us the courage to follow our dreams and actively seek what we want to experience, which Ghandi echoed in his famous quote: “Be the Change you want to see in the world”.

We still have time to change things around – we are not too late, but it is time to start now!! Whatever your intuition is telling you at this time – JUST DO IT!! and enjoy the adventure…

We can change everything if we chose to follow our deepest passion. So use the magic of the Moon to help you break through the fears and become who you truly are.

Love and Blessings
Rebekah Shaman