What is Living Shamanically...?

We are coming full cycle, where our environmental crisis is sparking the opportunity for us to evolve to the next state of consciousness, and remember we are all in this together, we are all one. In order for us to stop the trajectory we are on we need to heed the teachings from our tribal and indigenous communities. We need to heal the deep separation, and isolation we are feeling as a collective to come out of this mess and leave a healthy planet for future generations.

I call us, ‘Imaginal Cells’.

Just as the caterpillar starts to consume three times its body weight, we as a species are doing the same thing to our natural resources. In our greed and mindless consumption, we are destroying our delicate eco-system, initiating a sixth mass extinction, and wrecking our home. As it reaches crisis point, the caterpillar goes into hiding in its chrysalis. Within the cocoon, imaginal cells begin appearing in the body of the caterpillar. Over time, these imaginal cells consume the caterpillar transforming it into a greater, more beautiful vision of itself – the butterfly.

Living Shamanically is part of our metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly envisioning and leaving a thriving, healthy planet for all living things and our future generations.





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