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17TH JUNE 2019 @ 09:30AM GMT

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Dear Lunascopers

une is flying by and we are already at the Sagittarius full moon on Monday, also known as the 'Mead' moon or 'Strawberry' moon as it signifies the sweetness of summer. Fortunately, it is also keeping the inspiration and creativity ramped up until we reach the Summer Solstice on 21st June.

However, if you have been feeling restless, having difficulty sleeping, experiencing surges of creativity followed by dips of energy and despondency, headaches, weird aches and pains, general lethargy and the feeling that something is going to happen but you don't know what, then you are not alone. The planetary and moon cycles are getting more intense and seem to be having more of an effect on us than usual.

Ramping up the energy alongside the Moon, we have been hit by solar flares creating electromagnetic mayhem, along with Venus squaring Lilith. Lilith is the dark side of 'Eve', the scorned, wounded and rejected woman and when it squares Venus, the planet of love, beauty and passion, it illuminates where we are feeling lonely, abused or rejected in our relationships, whether with ourselves, our love partners or at work.

Feelings of rejection, abandonment, and old love wounds that we have been repressing are coming to the surface whether we like it or not. Rather than get depressed use the energy to fuel you to make changes. The one thing we can't do now is hide and the message I am getting is to accept and surrender what is coming up, rather than fight and get tied up in knots even if you thought you had already dealt with the issues.

Accept reality as it is, and not as you would like it to be, and trust that if you keep focused on what you want to achieve you will manifest it. In the meantime tap into the Sagittarius full moon creativity and expansion. As we reach Summer Solstice synchronicities are still strong and this is a good time to meet people who can help you manifest your dreams and visions. Don't be surprised if old friends/acquaintances reappear, and old wounds can be healed.

The Sagittarius full moon reminds us to be adventurous. Think big, aim your arrow high and let the winds of change help you reach the stars!

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Wishing you all
Sagittarius Full Moon Blessings
from the Urban Jungle

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My 6 top tips to successfully surfing this SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON wave:

Aim Your Arrow High
The Sagittarius full moon is represented by a mythical half-human/half-horse archer. The 'Centaur' symbolises both the rational and intuitive side of us and reminds us that when we use both life flows effortlessly. Sometimes we just don’t have all the pieces in place, or the higher perspective to see how it’s all going to happen. Instead, we must trust our instinctive/intuitive nature and take the logical steps towards our goals. If you aim your arrow high, follow your intuition and then take the next practical steps, doors will begin to open that you had not even thought of, and the closer you will be to realising your dreams. 

Quest for Truth
The Sagittarius full moon urges us to follow our truth by removing the veils of illusion and allowing us to see what’s really going on beyond what we are told by the mainstream media, religion or academia. Things may pop into your consciousness from social media, youtube, books, new acquaintances, or friends that you have not been aware of before, and take you on a journey of exploration and adventure to find out what is really going on beneath what you think is real.

Dive into the Adventure
As a fire sign, this Sagittarius full moon ignites the passion and courage to go beyond the fear and do what needs to be done. Let go of expectations and attachments to specific outcomes and dive into the adventure you have been waiting for. While there may be moments of fear and uncertainty, the best way of dealing with this is to be as flexible as possible and take opportunities as they arise in the moment, transforming any chaos into creativity.

Escaping in Excess
The Sagittarius full moon can also illuminate what we are lacking in our lives and spark our victim consciousness, igniting destructive tendencies. You may become overly tactless and insensitive, so pause before you speak so that you don't create an unnecessary drama. We can also see where we may have been blindly optimistic about a situation or person, and you may be disappointed with the reality during this full moon. Therefore, beware of over-indulgence and escaping in excess, especially if you are wanting to drown your pain and sorrows.

Use your Intuition
Perception and intuition are at their most potent during a Sagittarius full Moon. This is the perfect time to listen to your inner voice that is ensuring you remain on the right path. The synchronicities will also be ramped up under this full moon, so follow your intuition and make that phone call, email that person, contact whoever pops into your mind. This is a special time and there are no coincidences, as people will come into your life who can rock your world. You just need to be open to the magical connections and expect the unexpected.

Be Spontaneous
This full moon helps us to be more spontaneous, laugh more loudly, and reminds us that life is also about having fun. Make time to have an adventure, go into nature and enjoy the summer sun. Take a course, or attend a talk or workshop on a subject that fascinates, excites and stretches your imagination. Use this full moon to find your passion and joy so that you kick start this summer to become one long adventure.

artwork by  Johanna Kwiat

artwork by Johanna Kwiat

Full Moon Ritual

The ritual this Strawberry full moon is to celebrate our connection with nature and the beginning of new adventures.

If it is clear go out into the night sky and take a ‘moonbath.’  Become aware of the expanse of cosmos above you and take yourself on a journey into the outer regions of space. Imagine you are aiming your arrow at your destination. Get clear what the dream looks like. How does it feel imagining it? Release any fear, doubt or insecurity out through the soles of the feet as black sludge allowing the earth to burn it up and know you deserve it!

Allow your mind to expand and travel into the huge vastness of the universe and connect to the limitless, endless potential of space, opening up to the limitless potential of life. Now bring that feeling and energy back into your body with your feet securely planted firmly on Mother Earth.

Find some quiet time for yourself over the next two weeks so that you can hear your intuition that will be guiding you to manifest your dreams. Let go of specific outcomes, trust yourself as fully as you can, stay focused on your goals and your dreams can become your reality.

If you are feeling disconnected go out into nature and enjoy the fertility and vitality. We are a part of nature so tune into the abundance and growth of summer. Hug a tree, smell the roses, feel the grass beneath your feet and open to receiving subtle signs and messages that are showing you the way forward.

The more you are following your path and shooting for the stars, without being influenced by others, the more this Sagittarius full moon cycle will help you reach your dreams.

I will end this Lunascape with the wise words of Helen Keller :

Security is mostly superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger, in the long run, is no safer than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing.
— Helen Keller