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19th April 2019 @ 11:12 GMT

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Dear Lunascopers

Brace yourselves, as we are about to spring forward, fuelled by this waxing Moon in Libra that reaches climax on Good Friday. This very rare second Libra full moon is illuminating the imbalances of power, religion, finance and politics, and under this moon we can no longer ignore the consequences of our actions. Over the last month we are collectively and personally being forced to accept those parts of our lives that are out of balance.

With this second Libra full moon on the Aries/Taurus cusp we are also being forced to take action! The students Freedom Friday Movement, inspired by Greta Thunburg has ignited since the last Libra full moon, and the Extinction Rebellion protests that kicked off this week are exposing the climate catastrophe that shows how out of balance we are with our ecosystem. It's patients who need cannabis and cannot get it from the NHS growing it themselves. Normal people that can no longer pretend we are a society in balance and are taking a stand.

The Libra full moon also represents justice. The pictures of Notre Dame burning has shocked the world and yet, it feels like it is also a powerful symbol of what is breaking down. Notre Dame was built to honour the Black Madonna and just as Jesus was sacrificed at this time, now we are witnessing the burning of "Our Lady.' From a shamanic perspective is is a metaphorical completion of a cycle, dominated by beliefs and perspectives that no longer make sense.

We are seeing a breaking down of the structures that have kept our society in place. Christianity, which has dominated the western mindset for the last 2000 years is crumbling and with it our understanding of reality, (or is it the other way round?). Many of us have moved away from organised religion and finding our answers from a wider and more esoteric understanding of how the world really works.

Over the next few years, as the pillars of society crumble, we are faced with a choice. Become fearful, powerless and hopeless, or realise that the change starts with each one of us. When we  remember that we hold all the power we feel motivated, inspired and empowered.

Over this unique second Libra full moon we are being asked to make the choice. Are you part of the cure or are you part of the disease? Because it is only when we realise we are the cure that we can bring this planet back into balance and leave it healthy for our future generations.


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Wishing you all
Libra Full Moon Blessings
from the Urban Jungle

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My 7 top tips to successfully surfing this SECOND LIBRA FULL MOON wave:

Ending a Cycle
This is the first full moon after the Spring Equinox, and the one that heralds the coming abundant summer months; the long balmy summer days and short nights. Needless to say the energy is being ramped up this weekend as the moon once again becomes full in Libra on Good Friday. A cycle is ending and over the last couple of months projects have come to resolution and completion. Many of us have also been forced to look at the choices and decisions we made in the past so that we don’t make the same mistakes again, and been tested on whether we have learnt the lessons.

Be Open to Everything
The more we are following our hearts, living our truth, and following our visions, the more magical these coming summer months will be. Doors will open effortlessly and opportunities will present themselves with surprising ease. The key is to be open to everything, without automatially judging it right or wrong. This Libra full moon will show us new perspectives and ways to see things that can broaden our horizons and help our dreams come true.

Blessings and Burdens
This is the full moon that shows us that life is always in the perfect balance of blessings and burdens. We are living in a duality reality and we cannot have one without the other. It is easier to enjoy a heavy burden knowing that a great blessing is within it. Likewise, enjoy the blessings, while accepting it is also a great burden. Humans are defaulted to negative so we are blind to our blessings and hardwired to only see life's burdens. When we can see the blessings embedded in the burdens and the burdens embedded in the blessings, we can begin to really enjoy life.

Honour Nature
Beltane on 1st May celebrates the beginning of summer and the fertility and vitality of life. Take some time out to honour and thank Mother Earth for providing everything we need to be healthy and happy. Pick some wild flowers, buds, feathers or blossoms. Make an alter to bring spring into your home. If you can, visit a power spot or ley line as the ancient energies are flowing with more potency and vitality at this time. Meditating on a power spot can bring clarity and in certain circumstances, like a full moon, a shift in consciousness. It is also the best time of year to connect with the faery kingdom, elementals and nature spirits, as the veil that separates our world from theirs becomes very thin over Beltane.

Illuminating What's Hidden
The clearer your intention is, the easier it will be to follow the flow over this Libra full Moon and ride the wave of indecisiveness and emotional insecurity. If things get a bit wobbly, reach out to a friend or loved one, a hug can help dissolve the confusion and make us feel less isolated.The Libra full moon can be a hard teacher, but this is a perfect time to deal with the issues that have been brewing within us. By bringing them out into the light they can be more easily resolved so we are ready for the summer season when we reach Beltane at the beginning of May.

Stay Grounded
Enjoy the sociability of this moon where we can experience mind-blowing synchronicities, cosmic connections and miraculous meetings. Use the coming Taurus sun energy to help navigate you through this period by keeping your eyes open and your feet firmly on the ground, so you don’t get too carried away by the magic. Be careful that the urges and cravings to take your projects to the next level don't mislead you to make decisions that don’t actually serve you. Not all that glitters is gold and you may find promises are only hot air.

Stay Open-Hearted
Libra is the most sociable, friendly and entertaining of all the signs, so invite friends around for a gratitude party or get together to celebrate just being alive and all the blessings that are coming into your life. This moon peaks on Good Friday, an auspicious day because of its purpose (Good Friday!). Keep your heart open to miracles and magical things happening on this day, and enjoy the weekend of connection, friendship and passion.  Expect the unexpected illuminated by this extra-ordinary Libra full Moon.

artwork by    Johanna Kwiat

artwork by Johanna Kwiat

Full Moon Ritual

Spend some time in Nature really taking the opportunity to savour the sensations of Mother Earth, as we reach the peak of spring. Make a daisy chain, hug trees, lie in the sun and feel the warmth of the rays on your face and body. Honour the late spring flowers, the tulips, azalea, and peony. This year make time to enjoy the healing energy of a bluebell wood. The land is now fully awake and in full vitality and fertility that ignites and inspires our creativity and imagination.

If you can, light a sacred fire and as you jump over it release your fear into the flames. Take your partner, companion or any other person you have a deep connection with and jump over the fire together, releasing any fears, bad feelings, negative emotions, or anything else you want to burn in the flames. This is the time to let go of anything that is holding you back so if you cannot light a fire write down all those things that are not allowing you to move forward and burn it in a candle while saying each one aloud.

If its warm enough sleep outside under the stars and enjoy the passionate energy of the coming summer months. If you are trying for a baby this is a potent time, so embody yourself as the Horned God and Fertile Goddess, and make wild abandoned love, envisioning a the fertility of life being born from your joy and passion.

Most importantly, remember to thank nature - especially the trees - for their wonderful gifts to us. Share an important question with Mother Earth and the nature spirits, and seek inspiration if a change of direction is needed. Be open to the answer coming in any form – Life is very, very creative.


I will end this Lunascape with the wise words of Captain Donald Williams - Astronaut:

For those who have seen the Earth from space, and for the hundreds and perhaps thousands more who will, the experience most certainly changes your perspective. The things that we share in our world are far more valuable than those which divide us.
— Captain Donald Williams