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Dear Lunascopers,

The Aries full moon is brightening our night skies this weekend, intensifying the energy on the planet by fuelling our passions and re-igniting our faith so that we can manifest our visions and dreams, and know that we can make a difference!

We are now coming to the last few moons of the year, and the energy is going to be ramped up, as the final processes come to completion. In all areas of our lives, 2019 has been a year for setting firm foundations, preparing for growth, and letting go of relationships that are no longer serving us. This has been both painful and liberating, depending on whether we are focusing on the blessings or the burdens.

Fortunately, this coming Aries full moon is powering us to make those final changes because it brings the focus back to ourselves, and the importance of ‘me.’ It helps us find the courage to stand in our power, and take the risks we need to bring us into alignment with our truth.

It also urges us to stop hiding behind our own limiting, controlling beliefs and thought forms and know deep in our hearts that we can change our reality, even when the obstacles are stacked against us.

This Aries full moon inspires us to find the courage to face our inner demons and do what is required, in order to find our personal freedom. Illuminated by the Libra sun, when we are in balance this power is very empowering, as it reminds us that we are only really powerful when we are united and move from the 'me' to the 'we'.

We are seeing this clearly being expressed this week by Extinction Rebellion. The protesters; men, women and children of all races, ages, and backgrounds, are coming together to unite under a common belief that they all individually believe in, climate change. Regardless of whether you hold the same belief as the protesters, they remind us of the power of community, and the importance of openly standing up for our truth, regardless of the consequences.

Many of us can no longer turn a blind eye to what is happening, we all know too much! For many of us being compliant is no longer an option, and this Aries full moon is illuminating what we can no longer suppress, urging us to take a leap into the unknown.

Only when we follow the calling of our hearts and take the first courageous steps towards creating our dreams can we really begin to change our world and the world around us…

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Wishing you all
from the white Island of Ibiza

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My 6 top tips to successfully surfing this ARIES FULL MOON wave:

Reigniting Your Fire
This Aries full moon is re-igniting our passions and the belief in our abilities. It is a fire moon that reminds us of our own inner power and potential, and gives us the strength to overcome the limiting beliefs that are stopping us from achieving our goals. This inspiring full moon energy will reignite your fire and drive over the next few days. Use the injection of energy and motivation to get things done and springboard your projects, dreams and visions forward.

Being Self-Centred
The Aries full moon urges us to be more self-centred. It reminds us that we must administer oxygen to ourselves first before we administer it to others and brings the focus back to our own personal needs and desires that can often get ignored when we are so concerned about the people around us. If you have been feeling undervalued, disrespected or misunderstood, this is the moon where we will feel it much more intensely, so we can no longer ignore it. Use the moon to become more self-centred and communicate your needs clearly and concisely so that you can get them met

Beware Narcissists
This full moon can bring out the narcissist so beware of any people around you on a power trip. We may well see extreme behaviours from people in our personal lives, and also those in political roles, especially over this week. You cannot change a narcissist but you can change yourself. Being more self-centred will enable you to stand strong and not be bullied by others. Speaking your truth, without needing to change the other person, will make you feel more empowered and not belittled or ignored.

Avoid Getting Burned
Be aware of being too impetuousness, and acting too impulsively without consideration, as you could end up getting burned by the Aries fire. Tempers may run high over this Moon and it is up to us how we decide to react. There is no point in wasting energy fighting others. Instead use the passionate and honest energy of Aries to communicate your truth, rather than using anger and force towards those that disagree with you. When we send out positive and kind energy, we automatically dissipitate a potentially explosive situation.

Taking Risks
Be impulsive, spontaneous, bold and courageous. This Aries full moon gives us the courage to take the risks we need to break out of our comfort zone. It is becoming harder to ignore our intuition and this is the perfect moon to take that leap of faith and do what your heart is urging you. The longer we ignore our inner voice, the more unconsciously uncomfortable we feel. This is the moon for taking the risks we need to take to jump, and trust that life has your back, you are safe, and you will land successfully.

Creative Inspiration
Be open and receptive to the inspirations and creativity that can come like ‘bolts from the blue.’ Solutions to challenges that have recently seemed impossible to resolve, people sparking, confirming, or concreting an idea, and finding that elusive piece of the puzzle can all happen under the Aries full moon. The more we follow our intuition and inner guidance the more synchronicities we will experience over this moon period.

Photo by Brian McMahon

Photo by Brian McMahon

Full Moon Ritual

Ignite the passion of this Aries full moon by cooking a meal for a loved one, taking a risk and admitting your feelings to someone, or finding the time to make love, especially if you have been neglecting this area of your relationship.

Give presents or flowers as a peace offering for those you have conflict with. There is too much conflict in the world, and when we heal our personal conflicts and bring peace, we are sending an energetic ripple into the universe that affects the entire macrocosm. You will also automatically find yourself more content and peaceful.

Go outside and drench yourself in the rays of the full moon. Even if it is cloudy, visualize the Moon's light flowing through your body, from the top of the head to the tips of your toes and down into the earth. Close your eyes and merge with this energy feeling your feet sinking deep into the core of Mother Earth, grounding and supporting you.

Once you feel deeply rooted to the earth, see yourself expanding from this planet into the cosmos and beyond, knowing you are a divine being of light and a powerful part of this wonder-filled, amazing universe.

You have unique skills and gifts that can benefit humanity and now is the time to share them with others. Ask the moon for the answers you have been seeking, or see if She has a message for you to help you on your journey.

During these next couple of weeks, as the moon wanes, be extra vigilent and open to all the signs, synchronicities and magic that are showing you the way, however unconventional they may seem. Life is naturally taking you towards your goals, and when we surrender and stop fighting the flow, the easier and more enjoyable life becomes.

I will end this Lunascape with the wise words of Steve Jobs:

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.
— Steve Jobs