The Cacao Came Calling

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I started my Cacao Ceremonies in February 2013. I had just completed my 14 year apprenticeship in the Peruvian Amazon with my Shamanic teachers, and the first time I took Ayahuasca outside of Peru, in Palenque, Mexico in Dec 2012, the Ayahuasca told me to find the Cacao Shaman and bring Cacao back to the West to use it in Sacred Ceremony just as I had been doing with the Ayahuasca.

I gave away all my belongings and packed my rucksack  with 21 pounds of Guatamalan Cacao and headed back to the West.  There was nothing in London, so I had to dive into the deep end and start my Cacao ceremonies based on the principles I had learned during my Ayahuasca ceremonies.

I have been a huge part of the Cacao movement that is now sweeping across the UK. Many practitioners are using it as an addition to what they offer, be it sound healing, movement, dance, yoga, psychotherapy. It is a versatile plant medicine that brings a depth of healing to any modality.

However, I work with it in it's traditional form and take people on a Shamanic journey to meet the Cacao Spirit so they can find their own inner answers, clarity and guidance. 

I have seen so many transformations and I'm always so amazed at the healing power of Cacao. Each ceremony is completely different so I enjoy the varied experiences and its an honour to watch people deal with their issues in a loving, peaceful and calm way.

As more people become aware and open to exploring new ways of feeling better I see Plant Medicine ceremonies and the use of Shamanic processes growing and becoming more mainstream and acceptable.

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