Hugging trees – A ritual to thank the trees

Hugging trees – A ritual to thank the trees

For many, hugging trees is the past time of hippies but when we communicate with the trees and share our energy with them, we share our energy with all the trees in that area.  The more we are in intention when we hug trees the more powerful the ritual is.

The more we hug trees the more we become accustomed to their energy and they to us.  Now more than ever, we need to be hugging our trees and reminding them just how much we love and respect them.  Many of the trees are getting diseased and ill living in the polluted environments we have created and need our energy to help heal them.

When a tree is cut down for wood and timber, it is felt by all the other trees, because all trees are interconnected.  The trees are in crisis now as we continue to fell huge forests of ancient species, as though they are easily replaceable, but they are not!  The huge replanting of sustainable forests can never replace our ancient trees that create a whole different ecosystem for life to flourish by its carbon sink.

Living in the city it seems easier to hug a tree because they are so sparse, it seems as if they are crying out to be hugged and loved by humans.  City trees are the hardiest, providing us with co2 and moisture and birds.

When you hug a tree you are communicating your thanks and gratitude to the tree for all its support and love.  Feel reverent and respectful.  Without trees we would not be able to exist on this Earth and we must now show our love and admiration to all living things that keep this world habitable for us.

When we hug a tree and send it all our love the energy spreads down the trunk to the roots and deep into the ground, rippling out to the other roots of other trees and spreading throughout the forest.  Likewise, the energy travels upwards, to the branches and leaves of the trees that touch the other trees and your energy vibrates throughout the forest, wood, park.

There is no right way to hug a tree, but the more you do with a serious intent the more powerful this ritual becomes.  Put your arms around the tree, and allow your body to merge with the tree.  Feel the tree supporting your weight and slowly let go of holding on.  Release any emotion you may be carrying into the trees.  They are strong and supportive and are here to help us.

Sometimes the trees have messages for us, especially if we have a dilemma or a decision to make.  The best way to hear the message is to allow yourself the time to connect with the tree by imagining you pouring your energy into the tree and the tree reciprocating.

Once you are feeling in tune, ask the tree your question.  The key here is to have no expectations of what will come up.  The more open you are to any answer you will receive the more the tree can support and help you.  Once you feel better send your prayers of love and gratitude to the tree.  Hugging reduces stress and calms the mind, makes us feel more connected and at peace.

For many this is a new way of experiencing nature but in my many years of being a tree-hugger, I have been guided many times by the trees to make decisions that I did not have the clarity or the wisdom to make.

The next time you pass by a tree that you feel is glowing at you take time out to give it a hug.  You will in turn get a tree-energy boost that nourishes the soul and reconnects us with the natural world.