My tarot journey started when I was seventeen. A tarot reader told me I was a natural empath and intuitive. I joined her Psychic Development course and it ignited my latent psychic abilities. What I offer is the accumulation of the last thirty years walking this path. It comes directly from the wisdom and knowledge working with traditional indigenous Shamans, plant medicines and meditation. It has been my own personal exploration and self-healing that enables me to assist you on your own path of change and transformation.

I look forward to working with you
— Rebekah Shaman

My aim is to provide you with the tools you need to Empower you to find your own answers and follow your intuition and inner guidance. Using Cacao and tarot we remove the rotten roots of past trauma that are holding you back from being happy and peaceful!

Services I offer include:

Empowerment Readings

My readings go straight to the heart of the matter and are a great starting point to find clarity, see if your intentions and goals are in alignment, or understand and untangle an issue, challenge or relationship. If you are ready to hear the truth and find the solutions, my readings are the perfect starting point. By Zoom/Facetime or face to face.

Shamanic healing / soul retrieval with cacao

Together we dive deep into the unconscious to heal old wounds and traumas and retrieve parts of yourself that have been lost.

Using my cards and Cacao we go on a personalised shamanic journey to remove the traumas, depression, unconscious habits, patterns and conditionings that are keeping you trapped. Once we have clearly identified the issues we dive deep into your unconscious to heal these wounds, PTSD, addictions, and patterns of behaviours, so you feel reconnected, whole, empowered and back in control of your life. 

*Cacao enables us to open the heart so we can go deeper. We also bring the spirit of Cacao into the journey so she can share her healing medicine with you, giving you a more intense experience. Face to face only.

I work from a treatment room in Harley Street, Central London W1, on the first Friday of the month. 


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