Client Testimonials

Just had to send a message. To say THANK YOU again for the Friday ceremony. there aren’t enough words (and I literally can’t describe it even now as it was that immense) for me to say how much you helped me through. You’re just brilliant.
— M
My 1-1 session with Rebekah helped me work through a difficult life decision. It took me to a place of strength and clarity; without forcing or unnecessary opinion. It brought to the surface what was already in my heart. accelerated my process by 40% and elevating much of the anxiety of wading through the endless narrative and over thinking. Although what I’m facing is incredibly difficult I feel powerful and the fear has passed
— Emma C
Rebekah is the brilliant, no bull shit, straight talking, tell it how it is shaman, that this day and age so importantly needs! I would recommend for anyone who comes to those crossroads in life, like I have done and will no doubt do again... I feel very fortunate to have found Rebekah, her knowledge, wisdom and the cacao.
— Margaret K

I went to see Rebekah after struggling with post natal depression. Soon after our treatment it was a though a fog lifted and I began to feel like myself again. I knew intuitively that the session with Rebekah had shifted something. I have been to see Rebekah again since, this time for a physical ailment and again have been quietly amazed by the session. It is full of truth and relevance that I cant help but trust in it. The work that Rebekah does is profound. I like her straight-up approach and knowing that I have access to this incredibly wise guidance is a real comfort to me.
— Sarah E

Thank you for sharing your great wisdom with me, it really is wonderful to feel how I feel right now and my light has returned, so much gratitude.
— Chloe A
I found the shamanic work was magical, each ritual & practice flowed & fitted perfectly with the next so that the whole weekend was a powerful journey. A lot of transformation happened in a short space of time! The group was so well supported by Rebekah - it felt like a safe space to be myself and be present to what was happening. The support from Louise was excellent - everything ran very smoothly. The food was great & plentiful! I really felt well cared for - it was lovely! All in all a fantastic weekend in a beautiful setting - thank you!
— Rachel M
Thank you so much for the reading, that really was a high concentrated dose of empowerment!
— Venetia V
Thank you for your wonderful reading I had just before Easter, it came at the right time & confirmed my inner feelings. I just need more faith in myself which is coming in time.
— Hesione
Thank you so much for the ceremony yesterday – it was such a lovely group of people with great energy, & just what I needed after the last few weeks!
— Dana A

My healing session with Rebekah was amazing, what I avoided for years was released in a very powerful but nurturing environment. I felt complete trust in Rebekah and I have never had a session like it. If you have a past that haunts you, let Rebekah help you to release. I’m telling all my friends!
— Kelly M

I had a reading & then a healing session with Rebekah, & I strongly recommend her! I had a big decision to make in my life, I needed to get some clarity on what was holding me back. We had a healing session where she guided me & helped me find a “safe place” within myself, I felt her powerful shamanic influence all around me & it felt easy for me to go deep inside of me & free myself of negative thoughts. After the session I felt very light and positive & ready to embark on my new adventure!
— Laura
I was at your last ceremony 2 weeks ago & had a very powerful & insightful time with the medicine. I had many reveries with Cacoa in the following days. Thank you for holding such a safe space.
— Pratima P
Alex here, from the Cacao Ceremony at Barnaby’s loft. I really can’t put in  words how much that night mean to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— Alex B