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Artwork by    Johanna Kwiat

Artwork by Johanna Kwiat

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Leo Full Moon


21st January 2019 @ 05:16 GMT

This Lunascope helps us to navigate the Full and New Moon waves so that we make the most of the moon's energy. The moon and planets help us to find this natural flow and bring us back into alignment with the earth and all living things.

Plant Medicine Webinars

Listen to my Plant Medicine Webinars to gain a deeper understanding about the sacred plants that I work with; Ayahuasca, Cacao, Cannabis & more.

The shaman's last apprentice on kindle

The Shaman's Last Apprentice is the story of my apprenticeship with an Ayahuasca Shaman deep in the Amazon jungle. A vision summoned me from the mountains of Machu Picchu and put me on the plant medicine path that changed my life forever.

my story in poetry

I channelled this poem in 2003 immediately after writing my first book 'The Shaman's Last Apprentice. It came to me after my time living with a shaman deep in the Amazon jungle and then spending the next few years trying to bring the messages of the Plant Medicines to the corporate world. The journey taught me I could only change myself.

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