What is Living Shamanically?

Living Shamanically is living as a part of nature, not apart from it.
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Image Credit: Dilwyn Jenkins

Image Credit: Dilwyn Jenkins

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Photography Credits: Dave Blake & Lee Ellis

Photography Credits: Dave Blake & Lee Ellis

In the urban jungle it is easy to forget that we are a part of nature, and not apart from it. This disconnection is causing extreme and unprecedented levels of depression, stress and anxiety, as we feel disempowered, isolated and unfulfilled. When we reconnect to nature we remember that the power is within us. We act in accordance to the natural laws that all living things instinctively abide by and automatically feel happier, peaceful and more harmonious. 

We understand that all living things are interconnected, and are of equal importance to maintain the stability of our environment. Everything on this planet feeds off another living thing in order to sustain life. Every bee that pollinates a flower, every animal, bird, insect and reptile is an essential part of our incredibly intricate web of life. When we lose a species of animal, plant, tree or flower to extinction, we lose a vital link in our biological chain and the delicate balance of our eco-system is affected.

Those that are living shamanically know that they are a part of, and responsible for, this living ecosystem, and live in the rhythm and flow of nature. Our values and principles protect and support life, as the guardians and stewards of planet Earth. Instead, of our behaviour being solely for personal gain, we realise that even our smallest actions affect the whole, including politically (with our vote), economically (with our buying decisions), ecologically (with our lifestyle decisions), abundantly (with our giving decisions), & emotionally (with our attitude towards ourselves & others). 

We also understand the urgency and importance of Living Shamanically. According to the latest 2018 IPCC report we only have thirteen years left to turn things around and stop the catastrophic warming that is happening on Planet Earth. We are coming full cycle, where our environmental crisis is sparking the opportunity for us to evolve to the next state of consciousness, and remember we are all in this together, we are all one.

For the first time in history every human has a unique part to play in the unfolding human story. Each one of us must make a choice; Are we a part of nature, or are we apart from it? Are we part of the cure, or are we part of the dis-ease? Living Shamanically is part of the cure. It is taking full responsibility for the ecological crisis, changing our behaviour and actively becoming part of the solution to help to leave this planet healthy for our future generations and all living beings that share it with us.

 I call us, ‘Imaginal Cells’.

 Just as the caterpillar starts to consume three times its body weight, we as a species are doing the same thing to our natural resources. In our greed and mindless consumption, we are destroying our delicate eco-system, initiating a sixth mass extinction, and wrecking our home. As it reaches crisis point, the caterpillar goes into hiding in its chrysalis. Within the cocoon, imaginal cells begin appearing in the body of the caterpillar. Over time, these imaginal cells consume the caterpillar transforming it into a greater, more beautiful vision of itself – the butterfly.

 Living Shamanically is part of our metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly enabling a thriving, healthy planet for all living things and our future generations.

Thank you for reading , until next time…

Love & Gratitude,

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