Keeping The Balance


The Libra new moon has come at the perfect time to remind us to find the balance in our lives, regardless of whether things are going pear-shaped, or we are flying high. Change is happening faster than ever, and if we remember not to get too attached to where we are right now we can enjoy whatever life is throwing at us.

We live in a reality based on duality, where there has to be a polar opposite (light/dark, war/peace, fear/love, male/femaile, negative/positive, etc), but most of us have been programmed to only see the negative perspective and be a victim of life. Fortunately, over the Libra new moon we are able to see this duality more clearly, and the constant flux and change between these polarities so that we can find the balance, even when there seems to be so much darkness.

We are certainly living in interesting times because we can no longer pretend that everything is ok. After the UN Climate Action Summit last week, it is getting blatantly obvious that the majority of our Planet is being run by psychopaths that have no regard for the environment, nature or local communities. The Amazon is burning, we are in a sixth mass extinction, we are losing vital parts of our ecosystem, like bees and insects, and experiencing extreme weather conditions, and it still seems to be business as usual.

It looks pretty bad..

And yet, in this crisis, and under extreme pressure we are being forced to look at our relationship with our planet. Many of us are waking up and realising our symbiotic relationship with nature. What we do the earth, we are also doing to ourselves. Millions of people all over the world took action last Friday to strike for the climate and it is this awareness that is the next step in our conscious evolution.

When we are under pressure we are forced to dig deep and find inner resources we didn't know we had. It gives us the strength to go through the darkness and face our challenges, knowing that when the dark is dark, the light shines brighter.

Under this Libra new moon, find the balance both in our collective and personal situations so that you can find balance, successfully surf this lunar wave and come out on top!

Zoe WatsonComment