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The plants are desperate for us to ‘wake up' & remember our purpose & place as guardians and custodians. Our disconnection from nature is one of the main causes of suffering. The dis-ease & environmental destruction to our planet, that we share with all living things who also depend on a healthy eco system to thrive. This is your chance to find out more about these amazing master plant teachers, medicines, plant consciousness and how they are waking us up and empowering us to be the change.

Master Plant Medicine: An Introduction

Cacao - A Heart Opening Medicine

Live Q&A: How to Live Shamanically in the Urban Jungle.

Ayahuasca - A Higher Intelligence

Chiric Sanango - A Lesser Known Medicine

Shamanism 101

Ayahuasca - Your Questions Answered

Hemp - Can Save The World

CBD, THC, Hemp and Cannabis