Surfing the Synchronisitic Chaos


The fiery Aries full moon ignited what was hidden in our unconscious and illuminated our deepest issues and wounds. For those who are still finding your problems unresolved, this watery, emotional and passionate Scorpio new moon will almost certainly bring all issues to a head, so a solution has to be found.

Ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation and awakenings, this moon is going to force the change upon us. However, we have all been preparing for this shake up and now we are entering the eye of the storm.

It may seem like things become insurmountable during this new moon period. You may also feel moments of desperation and hopelessness, but this energy will pass. The Taurus full moon will bring a more positive, determined energy, so if things do seem to go dark under this Scorpio moon take a deep breath, surrender, and listen to your intuition.

Our intuition is much louder and more apparent during this moon cycle and the urge to follow our hearts is much stronger. The more we are able to listen and act on our inner voices, and trust that we are making the right choices the more easily we can navigate any emotional storm that might flare up.

At the beginning of my spiritual search I believed that enlightenment was all about reaching a place where there were no more challenges and problems and I could live a life of bliss.

Now I know that ‘enlightenment’ is a state of consciousness. The pure acceptance of the duality of reality; both the dark and light, the blessing and the burden, the joy and sorrow, the fear and the love that is manifesting all the time, just like the waves crashing onto the shore. As one wave disappears, another takes its place in a constant flow.

Rather than judge what is happening as either good or bad, see it as experiencing. When we can step back and view the moment as just another experience, we can see the blessings in the burdens and sail more easily through the chaos.

Life is constantly providing opportunities for change if things are not in alignment with who we are. When we are aligned and follow our deepest desires we see that these waves of destruction are actually waves of synchronisitic chaos leading us closer to our dreams.

REBEKAH ShamanComment