Mercury Retrogade: Proceed with Caution

2019 has been a year of preparation ready for the new cycle that starts in 2020, and we have already seen big changes in the collective. We have a new European Parliament and Britain goes to the election polls in December.

America will have its elections next year to complete the process, and then we will clearly see where we are going as a species because the next 6 years are crucial to our unfolding planetary story. For the first time in history, whatever we choose now will have a direct affect on our future generations.

Many of us are realising this and making changes on a more personal level. Whether we were ready or not, we have had to let go of anything that is no longer in alignment with our social and moral principles and values. While this has been painful it has also liberated us from people and projects that no longer serve us, and what we believe in.

However, for some, life has completely changed around this year, and it is essential to find some quiet time to integrate the changes so that you will be focused and clear for the coming year.

It is vital for our mental health and well-being to take time out to integrate changes and challenges that we have faced. So this is the perfect month to dive deep within because we are now in Mercury Retrograde that started on 31st October and finishes on 20th November.


Mercury is the planet of communication, and it goes retrograde three or four times a year. These periods are important reminders to slow down and take stock of where we are and where we are going. It is in perfect planetary timing to give us the final opportunity to evaluate, reflect and assess the year.

To help us slow down, it can often affect technology, travel plans and distort communications. It is also wise not to sign any new contracts or make any definite decisions during this time, as things can look very different once Mercury goes forward.

During this Mercury Retrograde we are being asked to find some time to recalibrate so that we can complete any final projects, creative endeavours and clear out any last bits of mental and physical clutter.

Our inner voice is our deep creativity that changes shape all the time.  Don’t restrict the flow by fixing onto any one thing at this moment. Everything is in the potential stage while we are in Mercury Retrograde and anything can happen in this space of unfettered creativity. 

 By using this slower time wisely, reflecting, re-evaluating and revising especially when things get delayed or postponed, you will be better equipped to fly forward once Mercury goes direct

Zoe Watson